A New Sports Podcast For The Park Region And More

I’m very excited to announce the start of a brand new podcast called 10/71 Sports.

For my entire life, I’ve loved high school sports. It continues to be my favorite part of my responsibilities at the station; going to various high school events and bringing play-by-play coverage to your radios. Now, the high sports conversation continues from my basement every week! 10/71 Sports is all about high school sports and the Park Region Conference, in particular. Yes, we venture into other area schools (or at least that’s the plan) but for now, I’m relying on some friendships I’ve made in the PRC to hopefully put together a podcast worth 30 minutes of your time each week.

You can subscribe, rate and listen to 10/71 Sports via iTunes, your Apple Podcast App, Google Play Music, Spotify. Just search “10/71 Sports”. New episodes go up weekly (there’s already a handful of episodes for you to catch up on!).

You can also listen here:


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