Three Things About The Vikings

Yeah, sure the Vikings got drop kicked on Sunday. And yeah sure, it hurts a little deeper when Green Bay goes full Ronda Rousey on your favorite team. And yeah, maybe there weren’t a ton of a positives to take away from yesterday… but there are some things (three to be exact) to at least keep in mind.

  1. Kirk Cousins couldn’t stop bobbling the snap. Normally, this is a problem. Like a big problem. Like “oh boy this is going to be a long season” kind of problem. But it was the first game. And I don’t mean first game of the season first game. I mean first game of everything first game. No preseason games. No contact with other people. No nothing. This first point isn’t just in regards to bobbled snaps. It’s everything. They hadn’t played football yet. Was it ugly? Yep. Can it get worse? Not really. Can it get better? Hopefully!
  2. It’s really really really really hard to beat anyone, let alone Aaron Rodgers, without both starting defensive ends. Danielle is out for three games at least. Yannick… did he even play? I honestly have no idea. He either didn’t play which was bad. Or did play which is somehow worse. Gotta get a pass rush. Those guys make a difference. Was it bad? Yes. Can it get worse? Probably. Can it get better? Not for two more weeks so they better figure something out.
  3. This last point is neither here nor there but I really like Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook and Eric Kendricks. They’re good and I’m glad they play for my favorite team.

On to Indianapolis!

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