Winter Sports Wrap-Up And Thank You

This weekend officially wrapped up our winter sports coverage for the season.

A big, big thanks to Mike Danvers, Dan Lawson, Kyle Gylsen, Jay Fitzsimmons, Jamie Pettit, Kayla, Jen, and Eric for all they do to get games on the air.

And a bigger shoutout to the ADs and schools for accommodating us once again. Each school was so helpful. In a another season full of inconveniences, they were so willing to help us get set up and in the building when it could have very easily just been a hassle. It was not lost on us how special it was that we were allowed into gymnasiums and arenas when so many others were not. Calling high school sports is a wonderful gig and this year is proving that in ways I hadn’t fully understood. Thank you!

A special recognition goes out to my broadcast partner and stats guru, Rick Johnson. It was a tough year for Rick but by golly he was there every chance he got. I appreciate his help immensely. I hope like crazy to get him back in the booth this fall.

There’s two more groups that make our high school sports coverage go and they are our sponsors and listeners. Thank you to our sponsors for the ability to showcase our area athletes. Thank you listeners for supporting those same athletes.

If you listened to any amount of any game, match, event this winter, go visit one of our sponsors and buy something from them. They spent their money to literally get games on the air. The least we can do is spend money with them so we can do it again this spring.

Spring practices begin today. Games begin in less than two weeks. Let’s go spring sports!

And thank you.

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